DEDIPAC Toolbox for Assessment of Dietary Intake and its Determinants


This toolbox is developed for researchers, who want to conduct studies on dietary intake at a pan-European level.


The purpose of the toolbox is to facilitate the conduction of dietary studies at the pan-European level. The toolbox includes state-of-the-art assessment methods for harmonized and standardized assessment of dietary intake, dietary behaviour and their determinants, tailored for the use in three types of research (surveillance, etiological research and interventions) and different age groups.

The toolbox lists specific assessment tools according to different dietary dimensions (dietary intake [e.g. specific foods and nutrients], overall dietary patterns and meal patterns). The dietary assessment tools provided in the DEDIPAC toolbox were identified through systematic literature reviews and selected regarding to their quality and suitability for pan-European studies. Assessment tools related to 10 core determinants of dietary intake identified within the DEDIPAC project are also listed.

The toolbox does not provide a general overview about key features of general dietary assessment methods nor about the benefits and drawbacks of potential approaches to collecting and analysing dietary intake data. Such information is available in other existing toolboxes, e.g. the “Dietary assessment primer” provided by the National Cancer Institute ( or the “Population Health Sciences Measurement Toolkit” provided by the MRC Epidemiology Unit in the United Kingdom (


  • Researchers, who are interested in general information about the assessment of dietary intake or dietary behaviour can filter the provided “Assessment of dietary intake” page with regards to their demands according to the:
    • Lifespan (children, adolescents, adults, elderly)
    • Type of research (surveillance, etiological research, interventions)
    • Dietary dimension (nutrient intake, food intake, dietary pattern methods, meal patterns)
  • Researchers, who are interested in determinants of dietary intake and dietary behaviour can filter the provided “Assessment of determinants of dietary intake” page according to:
    • A list of 10 core determinants
  • Links to validation studies of the dietary assessment tools were provided, if available.


What is DEDIPAC?